Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 11 of 30: Shopping Spree

I was suppose to go out shopping with my ELFriends in Carbon but I already promised my co-worker friend to have a lunch date with her [since it's her last day at work...T.T] together with my other co-worker friends [btw, these co-worker friends of mine came from the same university as me that's why I treat them special ;)]. So I'm really sorry my ELFriends if I wasn't able to join you in Carbon [I bet it was fun!].

Anyway, after the lunch date, I decided to shop together with my other co-worker friend who is looking for a thick jacket that she can bring on her Hongkong trip and me looking for the things I'll be bringing on my Singapore trip ;p. We went to Terranova, Forever21, and the mall's department store. I swear, I love Terranova more than Forever 21 now =D. Here were the items I bought: winter dress, leggings, boots, and a baggage bag. I was thinking that I should start wearing some boots [I want this with my airport fashion..haha] and wear more formal clothes [since our company is now restricting us to wear business casual clothes]. I only bought a few items and I spent a lot of money! I don't know, I just have this attitude that if I like an item and thinking I have the money, then why shouldn't I buy it, but I'm quite happy on the things I bought. =)

I'd like to know what were the things you bought my ELFriends in Carbon! =)

When We Booked Our Super Show 4 Tickets

January 15, 2012
Sinulog 2012
SuperCien's Narrative of that fateful day.

I got out of work at 6 AM. Met up with Yerene at about 7 AM. Ate Breakfast. Went to DawnHae's house at about 8-9 AM?

The online priority booking for SS4 SG started the previous day (January 14th). Public and overseas booking was on the 15th at 12 PM.

The three of us, DawnHae, Yerene and I, were patiently waiting... chitchatting some, talking, spazzing, preparing our "workspace", creating the list of our preferred seats, planning for the possible seating scenarios etc etc. XmaKyu couldn't come and she gladly bestowed upon us the right to order the tickets for her. I forgot whether HeeEmmy arrived sometime before the online ordering started or shortly thereafter? sorry.

We had used two laptops. We pre-typed the credit card info in a notepad... ready to be copy pasted during the ordering process. We taped up a piece of paper in front of us showing our preferred seats. RITS only allowed a maximum of 4 tickets in one transaction. Since there were five of us, we will need to split up in twos and threes. At least one wouldn't have to go by herself :-/

So we were ready

But then