Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2 of 30 : Overcoming Some Stress

I was really busy this day. I had to render an overtime for my project at work. Ah, I'm very stressed these days...but my SS4 SG plan motivates me to do the best I can.

I'll make this short since I need some sleep already. I'll take all the pressure and stress as long as I can go to Singapore next month~!

...and see this kind of performance at Singapore Indoor Stadium. ♥

Day 3 0f 30

I just got my passport. After waiting for them to validate it for about 10 minutes I finally got hold of my passport for the very first time.  Why is my pretty face all of a sudden different? I refuse to accept the fact that this ugly person is me (hahahahaha).
It has been a long time plan of mine to get a passport so that I can apply online for jobs out of the country but wasn’t really able to do that since I was either lazy or unmotivated. But now, since I wanna see the BOYS who have changed my life and made it a whole lot better, my passport was processed in just a breeze. Thanks to my friend j too, if not for her this wouldn’t be possible.
                The days go by so quickly and you’ll just be surprise when I’ll be writing on the very day of the Event that has made all things impossible now possible.

Someone Should Write About...

hello, my ELFriends-who-are-going-to-SG-to-see-SJ-in-SS4 (Waaaahhh!!)

... it is apparent that only the five us are creeping through this site. Yes, I've checked the site stats.
...anyway, the site is just here to document our little journey. (little nga ba?)
...and to make this blog more memorable and our waiting time more worthwhile, i came up of topics we should all write about in our posts. I hope you will agree ^-^ And if you have suggestions, just edit this post. kk? thanks.

These are the suggestions:

◘ All About Myself(?) -- with a twist!! this post will only be written in one post under the admin logins. Then, we will introduce/write about the person na atong mabunutan. Dapat 250-300 words per person. HAHAHAHA!

◘ Compilation of Passport photos!! -- sorry, di jud xa kinda related hehehe. Pero if ibutang sad nato ang SJ Passport photos so murelate na siya. haha. i-scan nya inyong passport photo ha? nya isend nako. trololol wahahahaha

◘ The Checklist -- Have you prepared a checklist for the things that you will bring to SG? Take note, we have 20 kilos baggage limit. This is definitely a challenge!!

Who is my SJ bias? the before and after SS4 edition? -- naa jud diay ingon ani? Haha.

◘ [20120112] The Day We Booked Our SS4 Tickets -- One Entry lang sad ni ha. Then use the admin logins. Para, makaedit2x ta ug bonggang-bongga. Haha!!

◘ Add more .....

Day 3 of 30

I'll make this short cuz I don't want to publish a post that is full of frustration and anger. *aish

Another Super Show to look forward to and this is totally different because I'm going international with the people that I trust *even though we're crazy*.

I just can't understand why every time I go to see the Kings of KPOP there's always something bad happening before the moment arrives. I just want to wait for February 19 in peace and without any anger with the people that I care the most. I guess this will be just a dream that everyday starting this very moment I'll only trust those I know who trusts me and wouldn't even try to make me feel bad.

PS: @Chulie: I've been saving something for you. @Readers: I'm sorry for posting this very frustrating entry. I have to let this out because I might explode and die as I study for my exams.