Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mae's ELF words of the wise :D

My excited fellow ELFs asked me to post something here.
So to show that I'm so honored

I am now putting on my Nerd look to come up with some sort of list.

wait let me stare off into space for a bit...

All right just a bit more concentration:

 Ok some pointers and tips when attending a Super Show concert
(though Im not the best person who can give you tips )

Before the escapade (I can see that you were better prepared than I was)
  • Pack your stuff which I believe you guys did a few days ago. It would really be cool if you have customized SJ tees, SJ stuff, light sticks, banners, well you get the point..It is an ELF must have :P
  • I believe a CAMERA is the most essential for this trip I tell you. Please don't forget it since I really would like to see your adventure when you come back.
  • Pack a gum. Any chewing gums will do. I remember I was the only one who brought gums and everyone was asking one from me on the plane. Did you know, gums helps your ears while on a very high altitude. I know you already know about that. I just want to include it :D
  • Sleep . Have a lot of it. I know excitement makes you forget about it but i kinda was awake for 30 hours a day before the concert, so i didnt have time to roam around Manila. I was just sleeping in the hotel.
  •  I know you guys  will try your hand and stalking so make sure that you don't get lost and have your communications at full power. Remember you do not have a magic map and a magic backpack like Dora hehe

If  I may share my checklist :
  • Money
  • Ticket (concert, plane, any ticket you can think of)
  • Outfit 1(I had planned what to wear for day one that's from underwear to shoes to hair tie )
  • Outfit2 (while outfit one is for the laag2x. outfit 2 is for the concert)
  • Outfit  3 (my church outfit)
  • Bonamana Version A (it was for a fan project posted by ELF from ph)
  • jacket (coz we planned to take off at around dawn after the concert)
  • gift (i was referring to the gift I need to give to emmy. but it could be your gift to the boys. Chrisma bought one. It was so cute. It had a message too)
  • toothbrush and other toiletries
  • MUST BRING SELF (gosh im crazy. I really included this phrase)
  • then below this are side notes on whats my outfit 1 2 3 and another side note where its says Money includes:  Terminal Fee, Merchandise, Food, Fare, Pasalubong if any

At the airport :
  • Be mindful of airport rules and airport essentials. Passport, IDs whatever. I'm not really good with airport stuff. I always rely on Emmy because she traveled a lot of times before hehe. Oh and yeah don't wear rubber shoes with to many shoelaces because I think you need to remove your shoes somewhere in the airport. I find it really annoying but oh well as long as they make us safe.
  • Be there early. Well I heard you're gonna be way too early on your departure date so I don't need to remind you. Gosh 3 hours before the flight.. I'll place that plan of yours under the category "excited"
  • Don't trust anyone apart from your companion. You can never tell when someone would ask you to include your stuff on their luggage just because they feel that they need to maximize the 15kg or have their stuff be included in your  luggage because they are in excess. SCARY.
  •  When on board the plane. Greet the attendants because they're pretty and handsome (simang)

1. You MUST be an ELF. hahaha this may sound silly but I can only imagine you attending a Super Junior concert without knowing them. I mean yeah it happens where someone is just dragged along by an ELF friend and they really do not know that Moves like Jagger is performed by Ryeowook and not by Maroon 5. :P

  • Know your Super Junior Z's: What if some international ELF will ask you a random SJ stuff just for small talk. Or what if some MTV Vj or reporter will interview you. Make sure you know what to say hehe. Dont embarrass Cebu ELFs. Just kidding!

2. Be Friendly. You might gain a lot of international ELF friends who has the same bias as you. Believe me it is really fun to talk to a lot of fans while lining up on the venue. As you may know I gained 2 friends from Valenzuela because they were my seatmates in Upper Box A.

3.  Know the Fanchants. Its really fun and the boys would really love hearing those, especially if  you shout Urineun Elpeo eoh after their intro. But knowing us, wed rather sing along than do fanchants which is also enjoyable.

4. Follow concert rules and ethics. You dont want ELF enemies, its scary. And you dont want huge bouncers to throw you out. (not that it happened though hehe)

5. Call me. Nyahaha just kidding. What I mean is always have your cellphone ready. You can never tell when you need to call each other. This includes: bring along your charger and have everything on full battery.

****You know with 10 boys, they are gonna be all over the place so mind you it can be dizzying at time. (the sight of them makes me dizzy in the first place though).

most importantly i just want you to ENJOY.   No one would care if you scream, shout. jump ,act crazy, go wild, dance along, sing along,  everyone is doing the same thing any ways hehe. Just BE CAREFUL though. I want you to come back and tell the story of your experience. You can then tell me how the earth stood still that day. :D

That's it. I might remember a lot of other things to say after this post but I hope I lived up to the space you have provided for me in you special blog.

Ok see you when you get back.  ♥


  1. Maeka, leadershii.... this is so helpful and fun to read too.
    I promise I will call you during the concert ;p

    1. you know what i realized? i placed a picture of everyones biases except yours ahaha no hyukjae wearing glasses. hmm i didnt do it on purpose though.. i just randomly picked pictures that looked cute hehe

      then yeah sorry for the wrong grammarings and the typos. I read it again and I realized Im so bad at this. ENJOY!

    2. What bias? Hahaha!!
      wrong grammarings and the typos??? where?
      It was wonderfully written man gud, no kidding.☼

  2. This reminded me a lot on my SS3 Manila journey...I thought I was gonna be alone on the day before the concert (I met with maiza girl on the concert day already) until I met ate Mae and EIC! I'm very grateful I met you ate Mae! I owe you my Kyuhyun lightstick. ♥