Sunday, February 5, 2012

Im Back!!!

I've been away for some time since I have a lot of things going on lately. I also had to endure days when we did not have any Internet Connection.
So let me start with updates on the Fan Projects:

I sent out an email to inquire on how to support the fan project for Wookie so let's wait for the reply...

For Sungmin's Fan Project we will just have to wait for the Handheld Banners to be distributed on the concert day. We don't need to pay.The badges that was sold is to raise funds for the printing of the handhelds and reflective banner used for his solo project.
Tentative Distribution Areas (subject to changes):
- Pitt Pen A
- Pitt Pen B
- Arena Section
- First half of Block For Section 218 to 224

We also have Yesung Solo Project - [Kiss Yesung]...It's the same with the other fan projects,there will be banners that we need to hold up,about 2,500 pcs per day will be given.Distribution Areas Will be announced over the weekend.

Lastly is the OUR LOVE Fan Project.We also have handheld banners.Still waiting for a reply on how to get those so just keep posted.

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