Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Fan Project of Five

I cannot wait for Saturday when we will all be meeting each other. And at last, we will be bonding with XmaKyu!! Woohoo!!. Our usual Cafe Maru pictures will be complete with her like this:

what shall we call ourselves? hmmm...
We have a lot of things to do on Saturday... i think. :-)

Reminding everyone that we will be meeting in Cafe Maru, 5PM.
It is this Saturday, February 11, 2012.

  1. Fan Chant Practice - HeeEmmy or anyone, please dl the songs/vids found in this link so that we could practice more effectively as if it was live. Hahaha. thanks.
  2. Please also bring  250 pesos each for our food contribution.
  3. Discussion of the "Fan Project of Five".
  4. Very Important: Bring the toiletries (ie shampoo, toothpaste, soap too?, other liquid products). We will place them altogether in the maleta because they are not allowed in the hand-carry luggage. Also, if you have other things to include, you may bring them ahead kay i-impake na na ni Yerene Choi. Haha.
  5. Run down of itinerary in Singapore.
  6. Feel fee to comment for additional things to do/bring, or for your violent reactions.  :-/

WAAAAAAAAA!!!! One week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: pwede nato dad-on  ang angel wings ni xmakyu? pa-borrow ko, para pareha mi ni kuan. Wahahaha. :;p


  1. LOL and I was really shocked at my picture....I thought it was hanging on the wall! HAHAHA nice one! =D