Thursday, February 16, 2012

dysfunctionally excited

I have so many tasks to do to prepare myself for my Singapore trip. I have even asked my Team Leader at work if I could have one more day of leave since I haven't packed my bags yet. And my TL gladly agreed. But look at me now, I have not done a single worthwhile and productive thing. Gaaaaaahh!!

I catch myself staring off into space, or smiling at myself (and even giggling all of a sudden) for no apparent reason. Well, perhaps it is because I am thinking of my trip to SG and the things that I will do there. Haha!

I just never thought that I will be doing this!

This, meaning everything, going out of my way to get a passport so suddenly, traveling to mountainous Cebu to get an NBI Clearance, showing up at work on time every time, getting a fringe 0.0 and regretting it, and flying to another land for the sole reason of seeing super junior in the flesh and being part of the sapphire blue sea. And to do that, I will literally have to cross the South China Sea.

Oh well, I better stop writing here or I am never gonna finish packing.

Good luck to us all!!

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