Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 19 of 30 ----- WGM Hangover

I’m still having a hang-over from watching WGM (We Got Married) episodes 15 and 16…It wasn’t that bad at all, I was thinking I would break my heart seeing my Sungmin with another girl; but I ended up fine with it. I really love how Sungmin show his manly side…However I still don’t see him as a man…

My supposed plan of packing my things up for the trip was postponed since:
1.     My sister is having a fever and I had to do her projects
2.     I still don’t have my shorts, I asked my mom to buy me new ones but since she was busy she promised she will do it today
3.     My plan of printing shirts still has no progress…been really busy this past few days
4.     My pants that I was planning to bring along as part of my wardrobe still has not been repaired…they’re too long so I have to have it shortened

So that’s it…so much with my OCness…I really can’t get a job done unless everything is set and ready…

This weekend, there were news regarding Yesung stripping his top @ SS4 Taiwan...waaaahhhhh I hope there's more than stripping in SS4SG!!!!

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