Thursday, January 26, 2012


It seems that only me(SuperCien) and Xmakyu are kinda lurking on the site. So, I'm gonna wax lyrical and whine piteously about my emotional and sentimental self here. So I am saying sorry ahead of time to your guys... And I am posting this under the admin logins. ;D

Dawnhae, go call up PLDT to have your internet reconnected and post here all you day 1-12 posts. Ahahahaha.

HeeEmmy, I know you are there!! Post more of you heesecrets.

Yerene Choi!!!! Stop your fanfic moments, and please write here or comment here more at least. I know you are writing, so write here too. hehe.

This is only for the next 30 days. We will go our own separate ways aftewards ;-/ and remember this time of our life. waaaa im getting senti again.

Waaaaaa!!!! 21 days and we are seeing them all!!! well, nine of them ra diay.. but WAAAAAAA!!!!!

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