Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Need A Day Off!!!! Rawr!! haha: Day 4 of 30

I do not want to worry over this. Really. Sigh.
This is my work schedule for January and February 2012.

Sadly, i used up all my leaves during the past year. I only got 1 day's worth of leave as of January 2012.
By the looks of my schedule in February, my day offs will be on February 14 and 15.
I need the 17th and 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cheapest flight will leave on Feb 17!!
The concert starts on the 18th!!
I hope and fervently pray that someone at work will swap sked with me.
I am so willing to work eight straight days from Feb 9 to Feb 16.
I can't afford to be absent because...
1. It will affect my scorecard
2. Failed scorecard, means no bonus.
3. No bonus means, no money for fangirling. :-/
4. I already got a letter for an absence when I watched the MAMA telecast. Ooops.

Please let everything work out fine!!
The new schedules will be released next week.
Please pray for me!!

ps: woi! dont cry na!

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