Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 9 of 30

I'm a little busy recently, since I have engrossed my self with my new addiction. This time i don't just read Fan Fiction but I have started writing it. I'm no longer contented with the ones that I am reading, I want a plot of my own. So may not be very active this coming days but I will surely try my best to update here.

Hyukcien: I'll try to email the admins for the Fan Project this coming Sunday 29th of January
Heemmy: I'll give you the link to my fic when I'm done.Please teach me well
Chrisma: I heard that you want to do a make over? and want to have a bangs? Good luck!!! Try a side bangs on a layered hair style to add volume
Dawnhae: You are missing a lot of fun!!!

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