Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 8. The OC in ME: Super Show 4 Singapore Trip Schedule Of Activities

date time things to do
Feb16 Thu 8:00 AM Web Check In c/o Cien or DawnHae
Feb17 Fri departure 10:00 AM Yerene & Cien Pick Up DawnHae's luggage in Mabolo
11:00 AM Go to HeeEmmy's House
11-3 PM Yerene & Cien Wait & Sleep 
3-3:30 PM Leave for Airport
4:00 PM Should Arrive by Airport, meet with Xmakyu
Wait, and queue for Immigration if open
5:00 PM DawnHae should've arrived by now
5-7 PM Queue at Immigration etc
7:55 PM Goodbye PH, Hello World!!!
~7:55-11:55PM Nasa himpapawid. Makasakay nakog plane!!
Feb18 Sat Arrival at SG 12:00 AM Singapore!!!! WAAAAA!!!
12-1 AM Queue at Immigration etc and out of the Airport
1-2AM Arrival at the Hostel
Eat Dinner
2-6AM Sleep?
6-7 AM Wake Up, Bath Time
7-8 AM Breakfast
8-9AM Travel To The Singapore Flyer
9-10:30 AM Nasa Singapore Flyer
10:30-11:30AM LUNCH
11:30AM-12:30 PM Trip to Sentosa Island
Cable Car
1:00 PM Already at sentosa Island
Picture sa Merlion
Picture sa Universal Studios
Picture pa jud
3:30 - 4:00 PM Back to Mainland SG
Cable Car
Snacks ??
Adto ta orchard road :-)
Dinner there? Buy Drinks.
5-5:30 PM Back to Hostel
Change Outfit. Haha
If wala pa ta kaon,mangaon nata daan.
6:30 -8 PM Ocular Survey sa SIS hahahaha
8-9 PM Back to Hostel
9PM to Sawa Night Out sa sulod sa Hostel LOL.
Feb19 Sun Concert Day 6-7 AM Wake Up, Bath Time
Eat Breakfast
7-9 AM Church, Buy Pasalubong
~9-12 NN LAAG nasad
12NN-2PM CHECK OUT. If pwede ibilin ang luggage, ibilin lang. If not, mag-extend ug another day sa hostel :-/
Lunch + Dinner na.
check in online for departure flight
2-2:30 Walk to SIS
2:30 - 4:00 PM Queue at SIS for the Concert WAAAA!!!
4-8 PM Date with Super Junior
8-9 PM Making Sense of it ALL 1
9-10PM Go Back To Hostel; Eat Dinner if Kaya pa.
10-11 PM Enroute to Airport
11-12PM Queue at Airport Terminal 2 Immigration
Feb20 Mon Home ~12:55 AM going home huhuhuhuhu T.T
5-6AM Immigration/Airport etc
6-8AM Breakfast Together Please Making Sense of it All 2
9AM onwards  The END


i'm worried about the short period of time time after the concert and straight to the airport.

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