Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 8 o 30

Today I had a breakfast date with Heemmy and Hyukcien...It seems like it has been a regular routine that I see this people almost every time I have the chance to, same with Dawnhae (currently under hiatus due to lack of connection).As far as I can remember we just watched Underworld: The Awakening this past Sunday.

Anyway I still had fun today.I just can't imagine myself if I haven't known about The Boys, I must still be the boring person everyone used to know of.

The days are just passing by so fast without even knowing it.I can slightly feel the rush of adrenaline and as proof I wanted to start packing up my things to bring as early as now.I still have to make sure I have everything ready before I do that.

Singapore, you're a Dream Come true
Super Junior, This is It!!!
Kim Joong Woon, Let's Settle This
Choi Siwon, London? Come Home! Pali!!!
Sungmin, Oh My Ged!!!!Tattoo!!!

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