Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 6...

This post is dedicated to Kim Heechul and how I fell for this cat.
The MV that I saw is U. I admit that it was difficult to tell them apart. But there were 2 who caught my attentention, the guy with smiling eyes which he was attractive and the member that I mistaken for a girl because of his long hair.
After a few harrassment from a couple of my friends I recognized their Chinese member, Hangeng because my he's the bias of my friend. They showed me some of their pictures and then I asked my friend, "I thought this is a boy band, why is there a girl member?
Obviously I was embarrassed because of this pretty boy so I want to know him better. I didn't realize my true potential in research till I started looking for information about, Kim Heechul.
I liked him as I know more about him. I realized he's talented than I could even imagine.
Hours turned to days, days turned to months, months turned to years, I discovered talents that I thought I could not harness. One is writing because I ship Hanchul so hard I wrote a fanfic. Two, organize events for ELFS out of love. Three, caring for friends like my own daughters which resulted to the incest family tree. Finally, Chul and my youngest daughter made me realize my true calling, being a Lawyer.
Hopefully I could write more fanfics for friends and be the best lawyer in town.
I've wrote a couple fanfics and the SiHanChul is coming to a close. The second one is a hetero-pairing but the OC's name has nothing to do with me I simply used that name for the fic.

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