Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 5 of 30: SS4 Motivation

Every time I say that just a little more and I'm going crazy over my work, the SS4SG motivation always overpowers it all. I rendered 6+ hours of overtime yesterday to make sure my project was gonna be okay. My co-workers would also use my planned Singapore leave to inspire me in my work. They just know what makes me happy~! Hahaha

Anyway, counting the days left, I want to make sure I won't miss anything when I go to Singapore. Maybe I could start a list in the blog and the other admins will add their list too. Yay~!

And yeah, I need some shopping and makeover.

PS. Super Junior won Daesang in Seoul Music Awards! Did you see how Siwon cried so hard? hahaha... I'm just too happy, I wish I could hug all of them. ;p


  1. xmakyu, thanks for overhauling the blog. it's amazing now!! tyvm!! I so love the ELF favicon!!!!!!! (the previous favicon i made was so lousy. wahahahah!!!)

    im soooo excited too!!!

    and i do agree with the need for shopping/makeover !! let's all go together too. haha ^-^

    1. Joan! any suggestions for a good hair makeover salon? I want some bangs. XD

    2. Waaa to this, i have no idea at all.
      I always ask Yerene about these kinds of things. I will ask her.

      Yerene? Yerene? hahaha help!!! we need a makeover! ;-p