Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 5 of 30-It's Definitely A Yes!

The moment I woke up today hugging my little blue baby elephant, I was already smiling. It seems like I had a good dream last night that I just can’t remember however I felt that there is something good for me today. I went out of the room with my Baby Kyumin the moment I heard my Dad and my little Sister was watching a movie. I missed doing that on a weekend with the family ever since I got hooked up with The Boys and become an ELF, I rarely stay at home to chat or spend the day with them. I realized how much I missed my father since we used to only get together on a weekend when I started working more than 2 years ago and lately has almost always been dedicated for someone or something else, we rarely had the time to talk with each other besides the instances that we eat together or him sitting in front of the PC when I wake up for work asking me why I slept late again when I have a shift for the night.
At the dining table while having breakfast with the whole family, Papa asked me if I was going to Singapore. Shocked and obviously was not expecting it I just nod as a response. He then asked about the details of the flight and the lodging, he even joked on bringing my Mom along but then she doesn’t have a passport she would then just be left behind. I felt pressured when he asked me to bring him a shirt back from SG, if only he knows I wanted to bring him a lot if my budget would allow it. I was really happy and relieved for I was having a hard time figuring out how I would attempt to talk to him about the trip. The last time I opened that to him was a day before we got the concert tickets, and he was a little drunk so I was sure he could barely remember anything about it. But hearing him asked about it would definitely mean it's a yes. He even told my mom that I would be out again today to meet-up with Super Junior...
My heart now feels lighter than it used to be. I now have everything in place with regards to my family. All I just need to worry is about my leave and my budget for the plane tickets. I hope I won’t have problems with it, although I was already assured that it won’t be a problem.
This is it…I really am going to Singapore and watch Super Show for the first time!!! Wait for me my love!!!

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