Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 13 of 30: Block 334

Hmmm... I wasn't able to make an entry yesterday because I had to study for my Long Quiz 2 and Lab Quiz 1 today... Since I just got off that "I-don't-get-why-I-have-to-study-thousands-of-pages-for-a-total-of-50-item-exam" madness, I now have the time to make this entry. <sigh>

Last night, as I was browsing my email, I saw the SISTIC confirmation email for our SS4 tickets again. And my face just became (0.0)! I only realized that our area was in block 334!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I thought that we would be in area 234 but no! It was 334!!!!! I accepted that I would stay at the "partial restricted view" area but I thought it would be at the terrace. Now I realized that we would be at the balcony!!!!! I almost cried last night after knowing this... And until now, I still feel bad! Worse even! I'm wondering if we could still "see" them in that area! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 

Right now, I know that I just have to accept everything as it is. I hope we could use some "ninja powers", to be able to find ways to enjoy the SS4 despite our location. I really want to experience the best Super Show since it's my first (hopefully, not my last!).... 

I also hope that our plans for the Saturday in SG would be successful. I really hope to be "blessed" and well, meet them somewhere in the road. haha.

I just really hope and pray for the best in my first ever out of the country trip!

Hae is waiting for me!!! XD

- dawnhae -

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