Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 12 of 30: Flight Blues

I know that each time before I travel with a plane, I will always have a nightmare that I couldn't catch my flight and I would cry on my sleep. And this time it happened again. T.T

Last night, I had a very long sleep. My dreams were different each time I'm half awaken but the last dream I had was, I wasn't able to go the airport for my Singapore flight T.T. I was thinking it was really true! I could have died in my sleep if I didn't wake up. The dream was, I was waiting for my uncle to drive me to the airport[he was a taxi driver in my dream but in reality, he's a PUJ driver -.-] but I saw him drive away, without me riding the taxi! I was really flustered and texted and called him so may times but he wouldn't answer at all. It's already two hours before my flight and still I couldn't contact him. It was raining in my dream and I was out of options [I'm not sure why], and one of my closest friends in elementary walked pass by our house and I had to borrow her phone to contact my uncle but still I couldn't contact him T.T. It was already an hour before the flight, yet I'm still at home and Emmy already called and texted me so many times...I almost breakdown then I woke up, thankful that it was all a dream T.T.

Why do I always have these nightmares before I go travel by a plane? Any thoughts? :<


  1. waaaa!!! it will be okay!!
    everything needs to be okay!! gaaah!!

  2. Don't worry Chrisma, I'll make sure everyone is at the airport on time especially Dawnhae...

    hehehehehe...I wonder what will I feel if I'll have the same dream
    I might go crazier than I am now...