Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 11. SuperCien's Checklist

I scanned my journal and ta-dah!! Here is SuperCien's Trip To Singapore Checklist
Please bear with my handwriting ;p

Please also know that this will be my first time traveling outside my island home of Cebu. I am  a little nervous about the trip. But mostly, I am excited because it has always been my dream to travel the world. I may only be going to Singapore, but hell yeah!! that is still a destination outside my country in itself. and of course, thanks to super junior for somehow being a way to make this dream a reality. but mostly, it is because of sj that i am going there haha.

And here is the "proposed" clothing checklist. I am having doubts about this. Last weekend, the gang managed to convince me to buy a very short pair of shorts. 0.0

It was really affordable after all. When I arrived home, I tried to wear the shorts and OOHHHMMMMMYYYYY!!! IT WAS TOO SHORT!! Haha.

I may be overacting. Yes, I am definitely overacting. It's just that I am never the short-wearing-type-of-girl. I am the burka-clad, pajama-wearing-in-the-middle-of-summer-type-of-girl.

And oh, how am I gonna find affordable pair of boots? UK? Haha!

Something tells me that I am more stressed on what to wear in Singapore than the fact that I'm finally seeing Super Junior. trolololol How could this be??! hahahahaha

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  1. i don't have boots!!!!!! waaaaaaa! help! lololol...

  2. We will find you one in the UK, dawnhae. Haha.
    next week? or this weekend? pm me. ^_^

  3. waaaaahhhhahahahahahaha...I'm not planning to buy boots but it sounds fun!!!
    I think I'll stick to my plan!I'm not the type who wears boots anyway...hahahaha...I'm happy with my funky sneakers...
    @Dawnhae if boots is what you want we'll help you look for it...