Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 11 of 30: Shopping Spree

I was suppose to go out shopping with my ELFriends in Carbon but I already promised my co-worker friend to have a lunch date with her [since it's her last day at work...T.T] together with my other co-worker friends [btw, these co-worker friends of mine came from the same university as me that's why I treat them special ;)]. So I'm really sorry my ELFriends if I wasn't able to join you in Carbon [I bet it was fun!].

Anyway, after the lunch date, I decided to shop together with my other co-worker friend who is looking for a thick jacket that she can bring on her Hongkong trip and me looking for the things I'll be bringing on my Singapore trip ;p. We went to Terranova, Forever21, and the mall's department store. I swear, I love Terranova more than Forever 21 now =D. Here were the items I bought: winter dress, leggings, boots, and a baggage bag. I was thinking that I should start wearing some boots [I want this with my airport fashion..haha] and wear more formal clothes [since our company is now restricting us to wear business casual clothes]. I only bought a few items and I spent a lot of money! I don't know, I just have this attitude that if I like an item and thinking I have the money, then why shouldn't I buy it, but I'm quite happy on the things I bought. =)

I'd like to know what were the things you bought my ELFriends in Carbon! =)


  1. We bought "flyers" (we really do not know that to call them). The are toys that light up in blue, and we slingshot them to air during ss4 and/or use them as lightstick. Haha. Either way, we hope it will be fun.

    Uhm,and I bought a pair of boots from the UK which i'm having doubts of wearing too and a towel(not really important LOL).

    XmaKyu!!! you are really rich! Terranova and F21!!!? I cant wait to see you guys in your airport fashion because I will be wearing jeans and a shirt lang ;p

  2. I think the Joan should wear her boots at the airport so that XmaKyu and her would have a matching look...I can't wait to see your airport fashion...I bet it will surely rock!!!